1. Rawr

  2. doodle


    edit: sorry I  kind of changed the background to be a bit less busy!

  4. I really like the costumes in Utena!

    Also, I’m a huge NERD.

  5. Thought I might upload something. First pass at a color script for my 3rd year film. color scripting is hard!

    And a few of the fullsize versions of one’s I liked.

    I feel like I’m gonna end up changing a lot though.

  6. A cat thing 

    I don’t know how to center this  :S

  7. Playing with stylings for a theme  I want to work with.

  8. I think it’s time to actually try using the millions of custom brushes I downloaded…

    edit: I changed the colors cause I saw it on another screen and it basically looked grey to me, I dunno what happened!

  9. Post-It drawings I did for the Character Animation Gallery show of 2013!

  10. Some background tests for my 3rd Year Film!